Whichever sport you choose, you need to remember that the results of the game will depend on several factors. Especially when it comes to playing on the distance. Let’s talk about the most important of them. Usually there are three factors that directly depend on the player. And another one – it is difficult to influence, but it often turns out to be decisive.

Comprehensive analysis. The more information you get about the events on which you will bet, the better. This information is never superfluous. Any little thing can affect the outcome of a sporting event. Various statistics, trends, interviews of coaches and athletes, the latest news from the media – it all can be very useful.
Strategy. Competent use of a strategy will help the player to avoid big losses at a distance, and maybe even be in the black. If you act without a clear system, losses will not be long in coming.
Bankroll Management – or, as they also say, bankroll management. Knowing how to properly manage your money is very important in sports betting. It will help you to refrain from betting all-in.
Luck. And it is not the last factor! Can not do without luck in sports betting. Sometimes the outcome of the event decides a single strike, shot, a fraction of a second. Or a controversial decision of the referee. And it is very important to be on the winning side at this time.

Singles and team sports – which is the better choice for betting?

All sports can be divided into individual and team sports. Individual sports only have two athletes competing one on one. As for the team sports, a group of athletes compete at once.

There is a popular belief among beginners that it is much easier to bet on individual sports. It is believed that it is much easier to study one athlete than the whole team. Let us tell you right away that this is not true.

It should be understood that, on the one hand, indeed, it is easier to analyze a single player than an entire soccer team. But on the other hand, in singles sports, every little detail plays a much more important role. In any team sport, if a player gets injured or is not feeling well, he will simply be replaced. In an individual sport this is impossible.

Health, mood, problems in life – it is impossible to know all of this. Even in the course of a match a sudden injury can lead to losing a bet. Therefore it is impossible to answer the question, what is more profitable to bet on, unequivocally.

The most popular sports for betting

Among the most popular sports are soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. The other sports are far less popular with bettors. Even soccer has more and less popular events. Most players bet on major international tournaments and the leading club leagues of the world. Here, there is a wider spread, high betting limits and a huge amount of information.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to beat the bookmaker’s line here. Analysts react to every detail and quickly change the quotes, so it will be difficult to catch a good odds.

For less popular tournaments, the spread is much narrower and the limits are lower. To find information on these events, you will have to try hard. On the other hand, bookmakers pay less attention to such games, so it is easier to profit from them. Which option is better is up to you to decide. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Features of sports in betting

Each sport has its own factors that can affect the outcome. Let’s break down the main features in the most popular sports.

Soccer.First, of course, is the staffing situation. That is, disqualifications or injuries. If a team has several key players dropping out at once, then the chances of that team winning will decrease dramatically, regardless of the tournament and stage of the season.

Second, you have to consider the calendar and motivation. If the favorite team has an important match in European competitions in a couple of days, and all the problems in the championship are solved, then the team may not strain. The coaching staff will probably keep the leaders and conduct a rotation.

We should not forget about the weather conditions. In rain or snow it is much easier for teams that like to destroy. And even if two scoring teams meet, you shouldn’t expect many goals in bad weather.

Tennis: It is necessary to monitor the information about the state of health of the player. If he has recently refused to continue fighting, there is a risk that he will be in bad shape.

Coverage. An important role. There are few real all-rounders in tennis, much more narrow specialists. For example, those who are good at playing only on grass or turf.

We should not ignore motivation as well. There is such a thing as protection of ranking points in tennis. If a player was good at a tournament a year ago, he will probably give 100% of himself now in order not to lose ranking points. Otherwise he will quickly drop down in the rankings.

Hockey, basketball, volleyball. In these games, it is important to pay attention to the teams’ calendar. If one of the parties has recently played a tough schedule with a lot of flights, there is a high probability that the players will be tired by the end of the meeting.

In all sports it is imperative to study the statistics of head-to-head encounters between athletes and teams.

Tips for Beginners

There is no definite answer to the question “what sport is the most profitable for betting”. But there are a number of recommendations that will help you avoid serious errors at the very beginning of your journey.

Choose the sports you know best. Bet on what you know. The more familiar you are with the athletes or teams you want to bet on, the better. Because there are fewer unpleasant surprises. For example, the presence of rule clauses that you didn’t know about.

Feel free to analyze. It is better to sit an extra hour, spending time studying the upcoming event, than face some unforeseen problems. More knowledge means a better chance of success.

Practice on a demo account. Now that you know what kind of sports you want to bet on, as well as your strategy and how you want to manage your bankroll. Then practice with a demo account, the kind of virtual accounts many bookies offer for training. Test your strategy, and if the results are good, go for a real game. Good luck with your bets!

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