The betting principle here is universal, but the outcomes and probabilities can vary. The outcome of a meeting in the snooker world is directly dependent on the two players – the overall unpredictability of the event clearly increases. To a large extent, this probability of sensation increases in the early stages of smaller tournaments, when the favorites are not yet sufficiently motivated.

When planning bets on winning a tournament, it is recommended to choose several participants. In this case the analysis of the competition’s net will be a great help.

Also, many recommend using the tactic of tracking young talents in the snooker world. When betting on them, you can count on quite high odds. But let’s be honest – identifying them will not be easy.

Statistics will not be enough here – to succeed in snooker betting, it is necessary to watch the games, to note for yourself the tactics, motivation, the form of a particular athlete at the current stage.

Snooker odds

The odds are the main criterion for selecting events for the bettor. In the case of betting companies, the calculation is based on the results of personal meetings of specific athletes. This decision can be easily explained – failures in personal confrontations often put pressure on snooker players, reducing the chances in the next game.

In spite of the careful work of the snooker rating, it still cannot fully reflect the real strength of the opponents. Sometimes a weak snooker player can get victories in minor tournaments, advancing in the final ranking. But it is unlikely that such a state of affairs will reflect his real strength.

Also important in calculating the odds is the snooker players’ form. The place of the tournament should be necessarily taken into account – here certain regularities are also possible.

The most common types of snooker bets
In many ways, the types and strategies of betting in the snooker world resemble other sports. But some have their own specifics. In any case, the bettor should always understand the specifics of the sport, a particular competition and individual athletes, selecting a betting option for themselves with the preferred odds.

Betting on a winner

A classic betting option that most of us are familiar with for the vast majority of sports. In this case, you just have to choose the snooker player in whose victory you believe the most. In this type of betting, snooker is really no different from other sports.

According to the statistics of betting companies, it is this direction of betting that remains the most popular among the participants. Moreover, there are no draws in snooker – you just need to figure out which of the two snooker players will win the desired victory in the end.


Handicaps significantly expand the choice of events and possible outcomes to build a personal strategy bettor. Like most sports, the user has the ability to choose a handicap for one of the players. For example, to focus on a sure victory of the favorite of the meeting. Or for insurance, you can add two frames to another participant of this meeting.

It should be recognized that during major tournaments in the world of snooker there is a high level of competition. Clear defeats here are considered quite rare. But at the expense of the handicap you can significantly increase the potential odds.

Betting on Handicaps

If in the near future is expected to confront the clear favorite of the tournament with one of the outsiders, willing to bet on the winner in this case will be obviously not much. The odds of the underdog are too low and the odds of the favorite will be extremely low and not comparable with the potential risks.

But to take part and make money on the event in that case is quite realistic. To do this, select the option of betting on the handicap – for example, taking odds of 1.85 on the handicap -1.5 for the leader. In fact, we express confidence in his victory in at least two frames difference.

The totals

The total number of frames in the meeting will directly depend on the development of events and the specific level of struggle. For example, in the “best of 13” format, a maximum of 13 frames can be played. If the struggle will be persistent and the score will be 7:6.

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