Soccer as any other sport is widely represented in the line of bookmakers. Among the variety of events you can find not only the top championships or major international tournaments, but also competitions of a much lower rank, for example, the championship of Albania. They have the most impressive rosters and, as a rule, the smaller margins. On meetings in major international tournaments or central matches of major championships, the spread sheet sometimes takes several pages in the line. Soccer matches are present in the sports calendar all year round, even in the periods of the lull, where there is a national championship or any tournament. Many games are televised, allowing you to watch the teams you are supposed to bet on with your own eyes. This is especially helpful when playing live. For each match stored detailed statistics and analysis of the entire team and individual players. The data are posted on the sites of bookmakers and available to any bettor. With their help, you can learn the style of play, tactics, learn the strengths and weaknesses of teams that allows the findings to make a verified bet.

Main types of soccer betting

Bets on the outcome. Here everything is very simple – it is necessary to guess one of the three possible outcomes – P1, draw or P2. It is possible to bet the opposite – against the outcome. In this case, you need to guess what outcome will not be. If you bet on a draw, the victory of any opponent will bring a victory. If you bet on the impossibility of any of the teams to win, this bet is called a double chance. Here you will be satisfied with two outcomes – a draw and the opponent’s victory, but the odds, of course, will be lower.

1. Total. In soccer, this bet is associated with determining the number of goals scored in the meeting. It can be more or less. Putting on the TM 2.5 we need the meeting to end with a low score – 0:0 or 1:0. The variant with more than two goals scored – 2:1, 2:2 and the like will not work. There are totals with a whole value, for example, the TM 2.0 or TB 3.0.

Here, if the face value of the bet and the number of goals scored – ТМ 3.0 the score of the game is 2:1, the money will be returned to the player.

2. Handicap. In this type of betting it is necessary to guess the outcome considering additional values determined by the bookmaker. Handicap can be negative or positive. So, if the player put a handicap of -2.5 he can count on success if his team wins with a difference of 3 goals or more, for example, 4:1. Also handicaps can be integers, then there is another variant of the outcome – a draw.

Indeed, by betting a +2 handicap we find out that our club has lost by exactly two goals, for example 1:3. In this case we have the right to return the bet.

3. Expresses. Such bets, otherwise called combined bets, are very profitable from a financial point of view, but also quite risky. To win, it is required to guess the results of several events at once, and their odds between them are multiplied. The result is a very tempting odds. If at least one bet fails to play the whole chain loses. Playing on expresses requires special thoughtfulness and a good knowledge of analytics.

Bets on the exact score and the number of goals scored. Attract with high odds, but have a high margin. Complicates the situation by the requirement to guess the exact result, but not the score difference.

4. Time-match. It is necessary to predict the result of the first half of the meeting and the fight as a whole.

5. Live bets. Soccer has gained a strong position in the online game, which requires placing bets directly in the course of the meeting. It is important to know that, depending on the evolving course of the match odds can vary significantly and should be carefully monitored.

The bets themselves here are similar to those in offline mode. Before starting the game, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the game strategies that can help make the right choice.
Bookmakers have mastered soccer very well and try to lure players with bets with high odds, often without flaunting that the chances of making a profit on them are minimal. They include bets on the number of fouls, corners, on the author of the first goal or the players who will score a goal in a particular match, on a hat trick or poker of a single player and so on. The calculation of the bookmakers is clear – there are several possible outcomes everywhere, which seriously reduces the hopes of success. A complete package of offers on soccer matches can be found on the website of each office.

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